//////SOSTANZE RECORDS: 50th release (crowd-funding campaign)







Sostanze Records is an eletronic music net-label born inRome in 2009. It’s 4 years that we’re engaged in promoting the philosophy of autoproduction and independence in the music field. We’ve released 49 records of Italian and international artists. Our releases are in free download and published withCreative Commons Licence on our web-site (http://records.sostanze.it).


Since we’ve reached our 50th release, we’ve decided to celebrate this important aim with a special work, that is a 10 original mix compilation of our artists. For this occasion, a celebratory vinyl of the release will be produced. The idea of the vinyl itself is born from the will to connect the tradition with the digital future. Your contribution will cover part of the costs necessary for the mastering, the vinyls print and the dedicated artwork.


We’ll let you know through our channels all the news and the state of art of the work. We hope that this release will become a platform connecting the severals bakers behind this campaign and Sostanze Records.


:::::::::::As first perk, a section on the Sostanze Records web-site (http://records.sostanze.it) dedicated to the 50th release will be created, where there will be present all the raisers’ names. As second perk, a Sostanze Records sticker and t-shirt, plus the first perk. As third perk, the celebratory vinyl of the 50th release (the artists will be 10 and the names will be communicated during the campaign), plus the first and second perks. As forth perk, for brands, crews and organizations, your logo printed among the credits of the vinyl and shown on the homepage of the Sostanze Records web-site and the promotion of your activities through our channels, plus the first, second and third perks. As fifth perk, 2 artists from the Sostanze Records roster will come to play for you (the raisers will be helped by Sostanze Records for the organization and promotion of the event; the agreements for the trip and the accomodation will be privately taken), plus the first, second, third and forth perks.



We’ve always believed in the collaboration between our net-label and the other crews promoting the eletronic music scene. This is proved by the creation of a concept party, 2020 Indie Festival, that for 3 years has allowed to net-labels and producers belonging to the Italian independent scene to play in many clubs in Rome.


If you want to finance our project, click here:



Many thanks in advance!


Sostanze Records




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