Mas&Delayer – Hotel Esistenza


Hotel cover

artist: Mas&Delayer
title: Hotel Esistenza
cat: EPH066
keywords; hip hop, electronica, experimental
label: Ephedrina



The first track on this release of Mas&Delayer is called ‘alive’.  It has some kind of hip hop vibe without the golden chain bling bling. I guess it would be a nice track to spit some words on, but also like this it could be something of your liking. Personally the synth sound used in this track isn’t exactly my thing, but I’m sure someone else with a different taste would enjoy it though! Not me, but as the other reviewer is being drowned in review request, it’s the only thing that i could say over here.

The second track (Take My Head Away) is a relief as it is a more spacious track with nice enjoyable sounds, a lightweight beat that makes this in a excellent tune for while you are traveling about. Nice and smooth! Mas& Delayer will take your head away, if you like it or not.

Genesis (feat Gomez, Dramatic Vitro e Deva) is a cool track that made my suspicion of Mas&Delayer secretly hitting gold if it features a nice bunch of people spitting their words on his music. With this track we hear a good combination of English spoken word and Italian rap on a dark track that flirts here and there with some experimentation on the vocal parts.

The next track is ‘Augustus forgive me’ and is a rather cold indigestion of something that seems to flirt with reggae, and beats that seem to come from the freezer department. A Frank Sinatra look a like ends the track with a smile.

The last track ‘Crazy stupid Dojo prod Madmeth’ contains a nice sounding jam of a electronic sounding groove with a perfect pitched keyboard piano. Very nice, although the melody does hit happy notes, it still feels very dramatic and dark in general.

If this sounds like your cup of tea than you might want to click on the link to download the real deal;









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