dany angelelli



Born into a family of musicians, recording studios and musical instruments, is approaching the world of DJing in 1989 at age 13, influenced by DMC videotapes.

After several years of hard work to refine his technique of mixing, is able to perform as a resident in legendary clubs in the region of Lazio (Clemalù – Canneto – Coliseum).

Arriving early ’90s, and with the advent of musical influences from Detroit and England, Dany participates in what might be considered the first Rave in Italy “The Magic Eyes”.

It is immediately fascinated by this new sound called “Techno”, very different from disco-house proposal at that time, and very melodic vocals. The change is immediate, Dany to participate at his first rave in 1992 as a disc jockey at “Rave Chamomile”, thanks to the confidence of the promoters of major events. Dany began playing in over 200 festivals, rave parties and disco clubs.

In 1993 he was resident at the “06 Disco Winter “ with Lory D, representing the main importer and creator of techno and electronic scene Roman and Italian. Alliances with major artists of the capital, there is the second wave of techno – Roman Movement Virus created by Freddy K. In 1997, Dany has decided to leave the public stage as no longer in line with the new sound offered by other artists.

The art of DJ’ing continues without leaving the vinyl, and participates in minor parties and illegal raves.

Produced over the years numerous tracks in alternative circuits, but without any commercial purposes.

Only in 2010 began collaborating with various labels in the mainstream: Submoover Records, Luminar Records and more.






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