[EPH015] MILESOUNDBASS – Logical Progression



Directly from Milan with his spaceship
sounds of dubstep and drum’n’bass raids,
22 tracks and one man in command: MileSoundBass!
Ephedrina issue 015 is ready to be downloaded!!!


01 Intro
02 Robot Love (feat Daniele Suanno)
03 The Course Of….
04 …Monkey Island (feat Guybrush Treepwood)
05 The Girl In The Other Room
06 Toxic Light
07 I Wanna Come Back
08 Ho Chiesto Alla Musica Di Aiutarmi (feat SoulSwitchOn)
09 Back To The Future
10 LSD On My Mind
11 Convalescence
12 Ma Tu Te La Ricordi L’Alba (feat SoulSwitchOn)
13 Drinkin In U.K
14 TheNeverEndingStory
15 Funk’AShitInAVideoGame
16 Forward In The Past
17 SoulSwitchOn – Propaganda (mileSound BASS remix)
18 Tendenze UFO Progettuali
19 Per Morire Basta Un Secondo (feat SoulSwitchOn)
20 Ricordo Soltanto Forti Esplosioni (feat SoulSwitchOn)
21 Ricordo Soltanto Forti Esplosioni ( Instrumental )
22 Electronical Regards






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