MKMN99‘s been in: Snobb Slakt, Captain Trash, Etwas, 69 Black Flowers, Worshippers, Wined, Superwined, Pelt, Souls, P.Thåström( for a week), Courtney Love(with joe gore and sam of hole), Reginal and Linae, Assassinators(dub), Monkey Strikes, Down in June, B.B.A.T.D, Undantaget, De Credos Trio.

MKMN99 started of as monkeyman a project to make electronic music, after making, releasing, touring with rockmusic for 15 years….the love of dub took over.

MKMN99 beside producing DUBSTEP MKMN99 also do dj jobs now and then…since 2005 mainly dubstep 12″ or MKMN99 tunes.
The EP at Ephedrina Netlabel is the first true release as MKMN99.
Several remixes that has been done over the years for different artists, also some music for erotic films and shortfilms,tv shows,theather plays and e.t.c.
Dubstep was first introduced for MKMN99 by dj scary(vorbic rec) in 2004-2005.



some extra:

Link Ephedrina Track



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