Born Location: Suceava,Romania
Current Location: Suceava,Romania
Hobby: Trips,Internet,Music,Girls…more Girls.

Job: Fucking losing my time cookin’ in a fastfood.

About myself: Well I`m a just an usual dude with one penis,two ballz,and a hole on my posterior… Okai just a young guy that had loads of problems…problems okai maybe were problems for the age of 15 when I started be a kinda bastard cuz didn’t want become a focking emo like other bastards of my age that time,not going to school,cheating on bitches and bein a asshole with family and friends. However things got rly bad and my mom took me to Italy where she was working for like 5 years that time… I was kinda confused first…it’s kinda stupid to live like forever in a place and just BANG jump on another place with a totally different culture and point of views… However I got used slowly and kinda opened my eyes,that world is not so fucking bad after all and it’s worth fucking prove something to people and change this world at least 0,00001% in good you know… The big BANG in my life about music was when I focking found about a tv station there on italy on that time called Flux…fucking awesome dude,realy nice and sh1t,fascinating me for like 4 months…Β  it was like the hit in the chest I was needed the most to give me a FLUX and a sense in my god damn life u know… Came back to Romania,started to listen more and more electronic music,and browsing about the “annon underground celebrities” and took the first fucking program to make my own loops and started to lose days and nights in the front of PC making myself to believe I`m a god damn genius in music. It’s kinda what I still do…let’s just say that maybe on another level u know… I`m not looking to become a commercial clown producer and stuff,and never looked to make moneys with music… because I always believed that music set people free from absolutely EVERYTHING,moneys just imprison yourself.

That’s kinda all about me…at least all you need to know.
Allright bastards =D keep appreciating real music before anyone will give up on making it…Cya! Peace !

2 commenti

  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous
    blogger if you are not already πŸ˜‰ Cheers!


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