CYBERNOVA, A.K.A. Luca Marzano, was born in february, the 7th 1983 in Rome, Italy.
in 2006 he starts programming his own music using softwares and in september of the same year, in collaboration with KIDA (MC from Rome, Italy) and EMOH STUDIO, comes out with a Hip Hop EP: A.N.K.H, which includes 2 solist songs of his. After that there is a period of breakage. He performs in a few bands as a bass player and stops producing for a while.
Later on in 2009, in cooperation with some friends of his, founds VOLTROME (
After one year of home practice, he gets the occasion of being the opening DJ to HECTOR SAVAGE (, resident dj from Voltrome, although, due to artistic and management issues, he decides to leave his organizzation in March 2011.
He now produces his own electronic music under EPHEDRINA NETLABEL (
“My sound is something that comes from the fusion of anything i love to listen to – says Cybernova – it is something that overcomes the gender classification, for i am influenced by so many different kinds of music, such as electronic, rock/hard rock, blues, funky and whatever sounds good to my ears! Music is sharing emotions, expressions and freedom of thought, that is my vision and my faith.”
To listen to Cybernova’s music:

Link Ephedrina Track


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